The Original Shine Bar

£ 9.50

The advantage of a bar over a bottled shampoo is that there is no waste – no banging that bottle trying to get the last bit of shampoo out – and the Shine Bar packaging is biodegradable.  It is also very easy to transport; ideal for the gym and unlike liquid products there’s no worries taking it through baggage check at the airport – perfect for holidays then.

The Shine Bar can be used daily on shorter hair and as an occasional shampoo on longer hair.  The lather is just as plentiful as with a regular shampoo, working just as well over your whole body, and the quinoa contained in the formula ensures prolonged life of your hair colour.

Many of our clients have a preferred shampoo that has been especially recommended by us to suit their hair type, and we say stick with that but by putting a Shine Bar in your family bathroom, it will protect your own shampoo stash, while your family are using a really good quality product of their own.

99% Naturally Derived. Tested on Humans.