Zoe arrived in Brighton after a spell of travelling in South America. She trained and worked as a hairdresser in London and has a lot of experience in all aspects of hair colour and cutting. To book with Zoe click here

Veronica is from Naples. She colours and cuts hair beautifully. She loves all things Italian and doesn’t believe it’s possible to be happy without carbs. To book with Veronica click here

Saori (pronounced Sowri) joined Shine in 2013. Saori works on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Saori has worked at salons in London and Japan and delivers beautiful haircuts and colours. To book with Saori click here 

Miriam joined Shine in 1862 just as hair was being invented. I would imagine that's how she feels at the end of a busy week. She joined Shine 10 years ago and is responsible for meeting, greeting answering the phone and the general running of Shine.  

Adam has been at Shine since we opened. His understanding of people and ability to deliver the right and perfect haircut are why he's such a popular choice for so many of our clients . To book with Adam click here

Carli joined Shine in December 2016 after many years of hairdressing in London. Carli works on Mondays and alternate Fridays and Saturdays. To book with Carli click here

Selina recently joined Shine after moving to Brighton. Selina has worked with Aveda colour at her previous salon.

Alice has worked at Shine for just over 5 years, this includes a year travelling through Asia and working in Australia. Her passion for creating beautiful hair is demonstrated on a daily basis. She assisted Liam at London fashion week last year. To book with Alice click here.

Liam joined Shine 4 years ago. Liam works Friday and Saturday and is a session stylist. His work is often seen in various magazines globally. To book with Liam  click here.

I'm Jonathan and I started Shine 10 years ago and yes I did spend a lot longer editing my picture. I still love my job and still love to learn from all the people that work at Shine. To book with me or tell me anything is right or wrong. Click here. 

To do our job without assistants is both miserable and barely possible 




It is said that you have 30 seconds to make a first impression. Your stylist and colourist at Shine understand that your hair helps define your personality.