Bridal Beauty: Wedding Hair Do's & Don'ts

With Meghan and Harry’s big day fast approaching, the bookies may have stopped taking bets on the dress (British couture designers Ralph & Russo are the red hot favourites)- but what about the bride’s crowning glory?

We love Meghan’s modern, understated style, and her hair is no exception. Thick and naturally wavy, she often wears it styled in long loose waves or pulled into a messy low chignon. So can we expect a similar, less formal look on the day, or will she rise to the occasion and go for something a bit more regal- perhaps an up do, or a classic half up, half down à la Kate Middleton? After all, she may have some serious royal bling to show off… 

‘I’d love to see Meghan wearing her hair in a less structured way’ says Shine stylist (and wedding hair pro) Dawn, ‘maybe something a bit looser and tousled, even a bit more bohemian, reflecting her natural beauty and personal style. But let’s face it, she’ll look fabulous however she wears it and I am sure her bridal look will be a huge inspiration to lots of future brides-to-be.’

So when it comes to your big day, what should you consider when it comes to your hair? Dawn has some top tips to ensure it looks amazing when you come to say 'I do';

wedding 2.png

Practice makes Perfect

First things first, book a consultation and trial run with your stylist. It gives us a chance to find out more about you and your wedding, and chat through any ideas you might have. Dawn recommends bringing a photo of your dress and any hair accessories or statement jewellery you plan to wear so your stylist can consider how it will all work together.

Remember what suits you

Bringing a Pinterest board or selection of marked up magazines to your first consultation is a great starting point for you and your stylist. It gives us an idea of what you like and your personal style, and is a great springboard for us to have a bit of fun exploring different options. But remember, however much you love a current trend or bridal look, you still want look like you on your day. Your stylist will be able to advise you about what will work best for your hair type and length and face shape, but the most important thing is that you feel comfortable and confident on the day.

Think about your wedding’s overall look

When it comes to the day, are you aiming for something relaxed and bohemian? Or maybe it will be a more glamorous affair, or have a particular theme. Whatever you’re dreaming of, you’ll want your hair to be in keeping with all the other elements and help pull it all together. So bring any moodboards with you to your consultation to help your stylist work with you to create a look which works with everything else. 

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It’s the same for your dress; your hair should complement, rather that detract from it. Key things to consider are the neckline- for instance a high necked dress, or one with an intricate design on the back might work best with an updo so you can really show your dress off. Similarly, if your dress is very detailed you may want to keep your hair sleek and simple, to help balance out the overall look.

Keep Talking!

The idea of a trial run is to try things out and see what you like- and what you don’t, so that when it comes to the actual day you can just relax while we make it happen. So talk to your stylist. ‘If there’s something you’re not sure about, tell us! That way we can get it just how you want it’ says Dawn, ‘This is one of the most important days of your life and we want you to look and feel amazing!’

Be Prepared

Ensure your hair’s in tip top condition on the day by having regular trims in the run up to the wedding, and while you’re at the salon you may want to treat your locks to one of our intensive conditioning treatments too. If you do colour your hair Dawn recommends having it done at least a week before your wedding day, so it has time to settle. And don’t be tempted to make a drastic colour change close to your wedding- now is not the time to experiment with something new!

Let us help you really Shine on your wedding day. Contact us to discuss your wedding requirements and book your consultation.